Having not posted for quite some time I thought a revamp was in order and, as I am always open to change, I thought that I should update my front page.

I am a time rich former teacher (1972-2015) and I now devote my time to singing, being active and trying to have the best time I can. I am also committed to having the best quality of life I can in my remaining years and consequently this behoves me to constantly make changes to my lifestyle. I am trying not to be an old fart so this involves changes of attitude as well as changes to my consumption of food and drink and exercise regime.

To this end I am now into the seventh week of a new training plan and am contemplating how I can remove as much meat as I can from my diet without becoming a complete veggie. .There is also the thorny question of alcohol. Do I stop drinking beer and just drink wine? Should I give up drinking spirits (I adore Armagnac) or should I bite the bullet and become a teetotaller. My head says that I should give up completely but I really enjoy a drink. I think this question deserves a number of individual posts so I will leave it for the time being.

There is also the question of MCD or Mild Cognitive Dysfunction or more commonly known as” losing the plot”. My attempts to help myself in this respect are; trying to improve my foreign language ability, particularly French and Spanish, quizzes in the paper (the i) and making one final attempt to learn to read music by taking up the clarinet.

I will let the world know, through this medium, how I get on.