New Beginnings

I have made two previous attempts at blogging using the the monikers  berniehaynes and professorarcticblonde, both were wordpress blogs. The first one was really just playing with no real input while the second I created under the guidance of Beth Snowden and Richard Nelson as part of my CPD at Bradford College. This one, I feel was more successful and was certainly a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. However, as I fade further into the sunset I thought I had better branch out on my own and create a new blog using my own website address, Although I am serious about blogging I want to keep the tone as light as  possible while writing about abiding interests which are, in no particular order, music, food, literature and language, the meaning of life. social justice and sport.

I will endeavour not to rant and be too pompous but I don’t expect to live up to my hoped for, high standards.


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