Ed 2014 Juvenalia

Venue  Assembly Room, Main Hall,  The Mound

Simon Callow’s performance was superb. How he can remember that amount of verbiage at his age is truly admirable. I would love to know how he does it. He must have some tricks.

The real problem with this one man tour de force was the text. I don’t know the actual source except that it’s from the Satires of the Roman poet Juvenal but one of my male co-spectators first post show comment was “ that was so misogynous”. I have to agree, there seemed an inherent bitterness about women who simply enjoyed sex into their twilight years. Also there seemed to be a lack of co-ordination as the same themes kept being revisited. I would have enjoyed Simon Callow stepping out of role once in a while and offering commentary and contextualising the whole piece.

Disappointing and I’m glad I bought the £20 tickets at 2 for 1.


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