Ed 2014

Berlin to Broadway

The Songs of Kurt Weill

Venue – Outhouse,  Broughton Street Lane

This was an interesting show. I’ve always been intrigued by Kurt Weill ever since I discovered that he wrote the music to Mack the Knife, Berthold Brecht writing the lyrics. Bremner, the Performer sang about 12 songs (I’ve lost the programme) and interspersed the songs with a biography of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lena. He started with Mack the Knife using an unusual but highly charged translation and went on to sing songs both in German but mainly in English. Bremner is a classically trained Baritone and was accompanied by David, a Scottish jazz pianist, who had arranged some of the music.

It was a great performance and the pianist was very impressive. Certainly the energy Bremner put in to the performance was exceptional but his voice did falter on a couple of occasions. His last number “Speak low” was beautifully sung and I must get hold of both a recording and the music. I must also find the opportunity to go and see the Threepenny Opera sometime.

A good show and well worth the admission fee.

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  1. Sounds wonderful – love Kurt Weill. I have much of his music interpreted by Ute Lemper if you’d like some – and a superb album with everyone from Marianne Faithfull to Tom Waits to Carla Bley enjoying his stuff.

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