Edinburgh 2014 Finale

I had meant to do an Audioboo for this one but I have been overwhelmed the last week or so with rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance, which happened last Sunday at Harrogate Theatre (and was well received, that is, my wife ¬†thought it was very good) and this Saturday I am performing at Collingham Memorial Hall. I am doing a solo which will require me to sing in falsetto for some of the time and at the moment I’m not feeling confident.

However, enough gossip. The other three show I went to see were Outings, which was a catalogue of anecdotes regarding people “coming out” as either gay,lesbian, bisexual or transgender. It was very well done but I felt the text lacked a little coherence but we had free tickets and it was wryly funny and beautifully performed. The first show we saw was the Micheal Gove Expose which was a free fringe event. The performer had been a civil servant in the Ministry of Education but had left. The show were some of his recollections of the absurdities he had witnessed there. It was a good performance and funny. Worth a punt. Finally and certainly the worst performance of the week for me was Lockdown by the Leeds Tealights. It was dire. It appealed to the younger element of the audience and the lads did try but I was glad to get out at the end. Puerile.

Looking forward to next year already.

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