I would be very interested to know how much Ofsted costs to run. It would also be interesting to note how much schools are paying out to Consultants who give them a quick once over to see if they are Ofsted ready ( and whether or not these consultants are in fact moonlighting Ofsted inspectors) . Also,  how much do all the schools and colleges spend on quality auditing. Plus, how much is spent on building the paper mountain of SEFs, SOWs, Checklists, LP’s. ILP’s, enrolment forms, Transfer forms etc,etc,etc.. I know that we are all trying to become paper free but that certainly isn’t happening in education

I suspect that the total is a lot of money which, in reality, could be better spent elsewhere on things that matter like, teachers, teaching assistants, hardware that works and “fit for purpose” software and teaching managers how to manage. I love a lot of the recent developments in e-learning, the new toys and new teaching methods but, we still cling on to all the old bits. It’s like when you get rid of something you no longer want or need, that is broken, defunct and obsolete. You put it out but it somehow sneaks back in because there’s “nothing wrong with it a bit of glue won’t cure

The important part of education takes place at the “chalkface” and this where the money needs to be spent (Yes buildings and infrastructure are very expensive but that’s a different matter).

And as for exams. Don’t get me started.

PS. They observed me and gave me a 2 which is fine but I still feel that they are part of the problem and not the solution.

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