I have not posted for quite a while and its been mainly due to  me having a lot of work to do. This year I had hoped to work 2 mornings a week but I have found my self working 3 full days a week.  Five 3 hour sessions and 1 one and a half hour session. When I add to this my singing commitments its means a fair bit of time.

10 years ago I would have thought nothing of it but at 64 I just do not have the energy. Preparation and marking take longer and I am always playing catch up on the IT front. I am lucky in that I enjoy what I do and have some great classes and there is plenty of craic with the students

I feel really sorry for younger teachers, the paperwork has increased,bloody observations, the hours are longer, if you have good students you’re lucky,  more bloody observations and management that keep asking for more and more for less and less , and bitch when  you show some reluctance to roll over and put your paws in the air and, whose real concern is their inflated salaries,  perks and making sure they stay as far away as they can from students.

There is a crisis coming in education and its not about pay its about having a life outside of work.  My involvement may well be nil in the future but good luck to all those who are staying, I think you’re in for a real fight.


2 thoughts on “Teaching”

  1. Absolutely agree, which is why I do supply, in Primary, and accept placements only if I’m happy to!

  2. Succinctly put, Bernie. Did make me think how glad I am to have Bradford though. No bitching and nastiness from management has made a huge difference to me.

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