The long and winding road that leads to…jubilation

I officially stopped working (for others, that is ) on the 30th of June.Last year was my 43rd year as a teacher. I do not like the word retire as it seems to infer hiding yourself away and becoming meek and quiet. No, that’s not me, not ever.

The Spanish have two words for retirement, one very similar to Engish, ┬áretiro but the other is jubilado. This latter word seems more like it. Jubilation at not having to get up at ridiculous o’clock, not having to sit in meetings and listen to line manager’s speaking bollockese, not devoting masses of time to things things that; serve no use, you don’t want to do and don’t get paid for.

I am not advocating doing nothing but I now have the time, and the lack of excuse to do things the are more personally satisfying and better for me, like, exercise,. troublemaking and singing. The first thing on my bucket list is to make an album of songs but I will make that the subject of a separate post. So watch this space.

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