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It has always been my intention to make an album. The purpose of this album, apart from personal satisfaction , is to raise some money for a Charity whose purpose is to help young people with mental health issues.  I was a Head of Year in two Leeds High Schools for over 20 years and have witnessed at first hand some of the trials and tribulations faced by young people  and their families who have suffered with mental health problems. I always tried to do my best for these students and have badgered and bullied Social Services and the NHS to get appropriate treatment for these young people. I really know how to make a nuisance of myself and at times, I was successful but alas, not enough of the time for my liking.

Young Minds is an organisation that focuses it attention on helping young people gain the skills and resilience to cope and prosper despite having serious problems, usually not of their own causing. They also know what they are doing, that is, they are trained properly. When dealing with young people with mental health issues there are often many willing and caring individuals who try to help but despite their good intentions they do not really know what they are doing and can actually make things worse. There are also others, well versed in psycho-bollocks, who appear to know what they are doing but don’t really have a clue. One of my strengths, I think, is that I do know when I’m out of my depth and need to ask for help.

I have made an album of seven songs that I think suit my voice and I can sing to a professional standard. The accompaniment is by Emma Pryde, a professional pianist who I have sung with for over 10 years and was recorded and engineered by Jon Chamberlain.  The album also features on one song my Vocal Coach Liz Welburn. The aim is for authenticity without any overdubs and electronic fine-tuning. The album is available for download (see the links below)  from this site.  I can make CD’s and if you want one please email me at

Also, I would not have able to get this project going without the help of Alex Newsham who has been my IT consultant. Thanks Alex.

I have created a page with Just Giving  for the benefit of:

Donations can be made at If you want to listen or download any or all of the tracks send me an email to and I will send you a link.


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