Who am I and why am I doing this?

I was born in 1951 and started teaching in 1972. In the main I have taught Science (mainly Chemistry) and Maths and even during the last 6 years, while working in the ESOL and Bi-lingual Skills department at Bradford College, it is essentially what I have continued to teach. However, on June 30th 2015 I stopped teaching after 43 years.

I’ll always have an interest in Science but the fact that I now time rich means I can devote myself to the things I really wanted to do when I was younger. My favourite subject at school was Geography. I’ve always loved maps and have always been fascinated with landscape, weather, climate, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, glaciers etc etc. I wanted to do Earth Sciences at Uni but was put off applying. Now I have no excuse and so this is going to be one of the strands of my TNTLTPTE plan ( try not to lose the plot too early).

I consider it inevitable that someday I will lose the plot cognitively speaking. I hope that this day is some significant time in the future and so I consider my primary goal is to delay its onset as long as is reasonably possible. I have no intention of going on a macro biotic diet, drinking just spring water and doing five hours of yoga a day but I will have to make compromises (namely fewer pints of Yorkshire Blonde and bacon butties ), probably more than I want, but if I only have maybe 10 years left, I want them to be quality years not purgatory. I already suffer from a host of ailments and do not want to add to them if I can avoid it. My secondary goal is to try to help younger generations (anybody younger than me) to learn from my experience by offering my observations, opinions and insights which they may or may not find useful. While I cannot really comment on what kind of teacher I am (that’s for others to say) I do feel that I am a good learner  and I want pass on what I feel  I have learnt. I am under no illusion that I’ve got everything right but if I am involved in a conversation with others, younger or older, then there a chance that something useful might emerge.

Although I own a Senior Citizen’s bus pass I do not feel it entitles me not to change. I cannot abide people who have allowed themselves to become mentally fossilised. As far as I’m concerned, if I get to that state then my life is over. I’m not proposing to start wearing tight trousers, chase women thirty years my junior or buy myself a Harley Davidson but where I can change and adapt to contemporary life, I will.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your insights! You are a natural blogger. I am intrigued how well you seamlessly intertwine your personal, social and professional identities. In real life we cannot departmentalize who we are. I think this blog is perfect for some commuter time reading!

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